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At the forefront of innovative and intelligent foundation engineering, the RETENTION SYSTEM enhances the use of passive safety posts and offers specifiers, operators and all road users accessible levels of road safety.

The European Standard EN12767:2007 (Passive Safety of Support Structures for Road Equipmemnt) states; 'the severities of accidents for vehicle occupants are affected by the performance of support structures for items of road equipment under impact. Based on safety considerations, these can be made in such a way that they detach or yield under vehicle impact'.

EN12767 specifies performance requirements for passively safe support structures for permanent road equipment. It both defines and limits the levels of occupant injury severity when impacting these structures. This important advancement recognies the unacceptable number of people killed or seriously injured in single vehicle collisions with street furniture. EN12767 and associated guidelines calls for all those involved in the design, construction and operation of roads to actively consider the use of passively safe street furniture including lighting columns, traffic signals and sign posts.

IPL group is a signatory in The European Road Safety Charter with a commitment to actions that will reduce road fatalities. The company undertakes to implement, proactively, the measures within the sphere of our responsibility and activities so as to speed up progress on road safety. As a leading manufacturer and supplier in the passive safety industry, IPL group offers a range of passive safe products that have been designed to exceed legislative crash protection standards and bring about real safety improvements in a 'forgiving roadside' enviroment. They include:

  • Retention System Sockets
  • Safety Bollards
  • Safety Poles
  • Cable & Disconnection Plugs
  • Electrical Isolation Systems

  • The RETENTION SYSTEM™ and other passive safe solutions are listed in Passive Safety UK - Designing Safer Roadsides guide to best available products. IPL group and our partners work closely with many local authorties introducing innovative products and solutions. We actively endorse this and other safe roads initiatives and participate in roadshows and seminars throughout Ireland and the UK. IPL group also continue to contribute to the European Commission's 'Safer Roads' initiatives. For further information on the European Commission Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport’s road safety activity, debates and discussions and work in the field of raod safety, visit the website: Mobility & Transport - Road Safety