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Innovative Products Ltd., a division of IPL group, specifically developed the RETENTION SYSTEM to incorporate many new features and benefits for the complete urban environment.

For all street furniture a good foundation is essential – now a robust, versatile and intelligent foundation is possible. The RETENTION SYSTEM gives choice, convenience and control to those involved in specifying and managing urban environments. Investment in the initial post installation sees immediate advantages. Strong RS sockets improve the reliability and longevity of post foundations and in doing so improve the post and the function it serves. The capital investment and huge reliance on all aspects of the urban environment can be protected. Street furniture can be cleanly fitted and better maintained. Infrastructural posts and traffic control systems can be upgraded or replaced quickly. All post installations in RS sockets deliver significant cost savings and safeguard against disruption, downtime and excavation.

The real benefit of the IPL group RETENTION SYSTEM over other foundation options is its versatility and foresight. Combined with passively safe posts it offers improved road safety for both road users and maintenance personnel. Specifying the use of RS sockets anticipates the expected installation demands, maintenance needs and lifecycle of the post. It also considers the potentially long list of demands on the urban environment, such as repeat post knock-downs, temporary installation or removal of posts for wide loads, seasonal events, security concerns and traffic access control. All these issues are easily managed with the RETENTION SYSTEM sockets for post installation.