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The RETENTION SYSTEM is designed on extensive market experience and the range of RS sockets continues to develop to accommodate new post types and installation requirements. The RETENTION SYSTEM offers both first-time installation and long-term operational benefits.

The RS socket is first fixed, ready for the post. Once the foundation is in place, the post can be cleanly installed and any required cabling and electrical connections completed. Improved installation and on-site adjustment of depth, direction and rotation is inbuilt on some RS sockets and all installations have the long-term feature of security and easy post replacement.

RS sockets are available in a range of sizes and depths to suit an array of posts, including passive-safe posts, signposts, bollards, traffic signal posts and other street furniture. The RETENTION SYSTEM also facilitates various electrical connections, shallow, deep or reinforced installations, diverse road, surface and environment conditions, and many other user requirements.

In practice the RETENTION SYSTEM works because it separates the integrity of the foundation from the post. This means the foundation and RS socket remain intact beyond the lifespan of most posts, allowing consecutive posts to be installed in the original foundation and RS socket. In overall terms this makes installation, maintenance and replacement of posts cheaper, quicker, safer and easier with the RETENTION SYSTEM.